Publication Type: Self-help book on how to improve your willpower to reach your career goals and personal goals easier.
Country: Germany
Skills addressed
Self-awareness; Resilience;

Das Holiday-Prinzip

A roadmap for personal success
Have you ever made a concerted effort to follow a study plan, pursue a hobby, eat more healthily, exer- cise more, get up earlier in the morning or find a new job? Ever found yourself repeatedly saying: “I’ll put these amazing plans into action – just as soon as I’ve dealt with the other stresses of day-to-day life”? The bad news is that this doesn't work. Even with stellar discipline and even harder work, you’ll never get it all done. The good news is that there is a way to achieve your goals: by using your willpower consciously.
On your journey through this book, psychologist, author and coach Hans-Georg Willmann will teach you
how to achieve your personal goals – with a motivated, focused, methodical and confident mindset and
a willingness to learn new things. Just as you always succeed in planning your holidays, you’ll succeed in
achieving the things you want – despite the stresses of everyday life! It’s time to pack your bags and jump aboard, because the process requires your full participation. You’ll develop a plan, learn to focus your attention on yourself and your goals, pause to reflect on your route and take off with a full tank of self-esteem. As you go, your willpower journey will be enriched with valuable background knowledge, everyday strategies and practical exercises. Enjoy this unforgettable journey to your personal destination!

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