• Strength to cope with uncertainty and stress; flexibility and openness to change, career transition skills (change management), work-life integration,
  • Balancing life, learning and work roles
  • Being able to manage the effects of crisis
  • Believe in ability to influence the course of events, despite uncertainty, setbacks and temporary failures
  • Awareness of how to cope with life changes and transitions, partly gained from reflecting on previous moves (CDI)
  • Talking positively how to look after oneself and make things happen (CDI)
  • Being able to learn when things do not go well or as expected (SDS)


References: RETU, SDS, CDI



Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I am positive, flexible and well-prepared at transition points in my life (CDI)


I review and reflect on previous transitions to help me improve my preparation for future moves in education, training and employment (CDI)

I know how to develop and use strategies which will help me to deal with the challenges of managing my career transitions (CDI)

I remain positive when facing setbacks 

I can explain how I use positive versions of my own story to manage my wellbeing, progress and achievement (CDI)

I reflect the positive elements in my career story to show the responsibility I am taking for managing my own progress, achievement and wellbeing (CDI)

I can tell positive stories about my wellbeing, progress and achievement (CDI)

I can develop abilities for maintaining a positive self-concept


I am able to manage the changes I encounter in my studies, work or other aspects of my life

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