Problem solving


  • Critical thinking as careful collection and analysis of information or knowledge with ongoing reconstruction of one’s understanding of issues based on newly accumulated evidence
  • Recognising the potential an idea has for creating value and identify suitable ways of making the most out of it
  • Assessing the consequences of ideas that bring value and the effect of entrepreneurial action on the target community, the market, society and the environment
  • Reflecting on how sustainable long-term social, cultural and economic goals are, and the course of action chosen


Source: Lifelcomp, Entrecomp



Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I can find support and assistance when problems occur in my career planning

I look for arguments and evidence to make my own conclusions about things.

I can solve most of the more frequent problems that arise in my career planning

I am aware what is labour market information (LMI) and how it can be useful to me (CDI)

I am able to find relevant labour market information (LMI) and know how to use it in my career planning (CDI)

I am able to recognise whether the information I have searched for is trustworthy

I understand how my arguments and thoughts are constructed


I review and reflect upon I have benefitted as a learner from careers, enterprise activities and experiences (CDI)

I can be proactive in taking part in careers, employability and enterprise activities and experiences and assessing the benefits for me as a learner (CDI) 


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