• Organization, assertiveness and negotiation skills, etc.
  • Looking  beyond one’s immediate social networks and use this to support career building
  • Demonstrating effective communication, persuasion, negotiation and leadership
  • Identifying how individuals, work, community and society interact
  • Building relationships with potential employers and learning providers (SDS)


Source: Entrecomp



Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I am able to look for opportunities for advancement

I am willing to drive or engage with change

I am able to get the support needed to achieve valuable outcomes

I am able to consider and challenge my aspirations/goals (SDS)

I am able to see relationships and imagine possibilities (SDS)

I am able to inspire and enthuse relevant stakeholders

I understand how businesses and organisations operate


I understand how society’s needs and functions affect the supply of goods and services (SDS)

I understand how economic and social trends affect work and learning opportunities (SDS)


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