Labour market awareness

  • Finding and evaluation information that supports career development
  • Finding information about future job trends, future jobs and the skills they require;
  • Understanding the changing nature of life and work roles
  • Identifying the importance & ways of accessing career related information
  • Recognising the importance of knowing if career related information is from reliable source up-to-date & accurate (NCGE)
  • Understanding  the relationship between work, society and the economy


Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I can Identify how to access career related information

I can understand the nature of career information

I am able to identify how I am using career information to make my career decision

I know how to evaluate the quality of career related information (NCGE)

I am able to critique career related information / sources

Interpret and analyse the impact of current education, training and work trends on life, learning, transition and work plans

I am able to describe different work roles and conditions (NCGE)


I am able to explore differences between career areas & requirements for working in different fields (NCGE)

I am able to explore different employment conditions i.e. part/full-time, volunteering, entrepreneurship

I understand how changes in society, politics and the economy relate to my life, learning and work

I am able to explore non-traditional life and work options

I am able to understand the nature of gendered life and work roles

I seek to eliminate gender bias and stereotypes in my career planning