• Innovation, inspiration  in career;
  • Working towards one’s vision of the future
  • Imagining the future
  • Visualising future scenarios to help guide effort and action
  • Developing ideas and opportunities to create value, including better solutions to existing and new challenges
  • Exploring and experimenting with innovative approaches 
  • Combining knowledge and resources to achieve valuable effects
  • Reflecting critically on ideas and outcomes

Sources: Entrecomp

Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I generate ideas that help me to achieve my goals (Leader)


I am able to make connections, see relationships and imagine possibilities (SDS)

I am able to reflect my career decision making skills & consequences of making decisions (NCGE)

I am able to turn my hobbies into job opportunities

I am able to seek out new options through interests I have always wanted to explore (SDS)

I am able to realise potential opportunities of unplanned events

I am able to develop a vision to turn ideas into action.

I am able to draw and engage with a range of role models (SDS)

I am able to think in creative and innovative ways to explore and solve problems in different contexts (SDS)

I am able to engage in career contingency planning and move beyond my existing plan (SDS)


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