Communication and customer orientation


  • Interaction with others to build relationships
  • Developing and maintaining relationships that are important for one’s career
  • Using ICT
  • Developing a range of self-presentation and marketing skills that are needed throughout  lives
  • Capability to receive constructive guidance, feedback or critique regarding oneself or one’s actions without becoming discouraged (RETU)



Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I can identify people around me whom I can rely on when I have questions in relation to my career (RETU)

I interact confidently and well with others (Leader)


I build professional relationships and networks to support my future career (Leader)

I am able to identify my competencies in job search situations

I am able to bring forth my competencies in job search situations (RETU)

I can promote myself in a way that attracts the attention of selectors and recruiters

I can communicate with others using basic features of online tools.

I am aware that when using digital tools, certain communication rules apply (Europass)


I can use some features of online services

I am aware of and use the rules of online communication (Europass)

I can use advanced features of several communication tools.

I can use advanced features of communication tools (Europass)

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