• Teamwork, multicultural awareness, tolerance; handling job-related conflicts
  • Networking
  • Using information and relations to secure, create and maintain work
  • Valuing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Working together and cooperate with others to develop ideas and turn them into action
  • Solving conflicts and face up to competition posi-tively when necessary
  • Valuing equality, diversity and inclusion

Source: Entrecomp

Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I can identify abilities for building positive relationships in life and work (Australia)

I am able to build networks to promote career development and learning

I am able to improve my abilities for building positive relationships in life and work (Australia)

I can identify people I can co-operate and develop ideas for my future plans

I am able to evaluate the role of significant others/community in my career development and job search (NCGE)

I am able to build relationships with employers & learning providers (NCGE)

I am aware that we have the same rights, duties and responsibilities when it comes to treating people fairly (CDI)

I recognise and challenge stereotyping, discrimination and other barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion and know my rights and responsibilities in relation to these issues (CDI)

I reflect critically on the ethical, legal and business case for equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the implications for my behaviour and others (CDI)

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