Career planning


  • Developing and managing one’s career, decision making, goal setting, developing a career vision, organization skills;
  • Understanding the career decision making process & the importance of making informed decisions
  • Describing how attitudes & motivation can affect career planning & decision making
  • Setting long-, medium- and short-term goals
  • Defining  priorities and action plans
  • Adapting to unforeseen changes


Sources: NCGE; CDI, SDS, RETU-project


Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I am able to recognise the importance of learning for achieving educational and career goals (NCGE)

I am able to recognise the link between subjects and extra-curricular activities & different career paths (NCGE)

I am able to utilise different sources, when I search for information on issues influencing my studies or about alternative learning programmes (RETU)

I am able to choose subjects and educational options in line with further training & chosen career paths (NCGE)

I am aware of further study options which could be suitable for me (RETU)

I am able to assess and describe my strengths and competences (RETU)

I know how to make plans and decisions carefully (CDI)

I have built a plan in such way that it supports the goals I have set for myself (RETU)


I am confident that I will succeed in implementing my plans and decisions.


I am aware of job opportunities which could be suitable for me (RETU)


I know how to make plans and decisions carefully including how to solve problems and deal appropriately with influences on me (CDI)

I know how to make career enhancing plans and decisions (CDI)


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