Career Skills Assessment Tool

The assessment tool below will help you evaluate your career management skills. It consists of 36 statements, addressing the 12 career skills, described in the glossary. Please, read the statements and indicate to what extent each of them refers to you.

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about yourself? To a small extent To some extent To a large extent
I am able to describe my emotions, thoughts and values, what I am good at and what I enjoy doing.
I am able to identify how I am regulating my personal qualities, strengths and behaviour.
I am able to make independent decision and choices regarding my life and my actions.
I am able to use career information effectively in planning my career.
I am able to revise my career plan taking into account the trends and employment opportunities in different fields.
I am able to overcome stereotypes (e.g. age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation) in my career planning.
I am able to relate my knowledge, skills and interests to different career areas.
I am able to understand that skills and experiences are transferable to various work settings.
I am able to learn and reflect on my experiences to get prepared for job interviews.
I am able to show what kind of work tasks are most suitable for me.
I have a meaning and direction for my life.
I am able to consider alternative career paths if my primary plan does not work out.
I am able to respond and manage change within my life and work roles.
I am able to improve my abilities for building positive self-concept.
I am able to manage the forthcoming changes during my career well and can adjust to them accordingly.
I am able to take advantage of opportunities to learn something new.
I am able to make the most of opportunities and challenges.
I am able to identify previous learning experiences, which contribute to my career plans.
I am able to solve almost all the problems that arise in my career.
I am able to draw conclusions from researching and evaluating relevant information and data.
I am able to effective decisions relating to my life, learning and work.
I am able to effective decisions relating to my life, learning and work.
I am able to adapt my actions in response to unexpected events.
I am able to effect and drive change in a variety of life contexts.
I am able to use my initiative and be enterprising.
I am able to make considered decisions about saving, spending and giving.
I able to know what type of self-employment options would be most suitable for me.
I am able to utilise networks to enhance career development opportunities.
I can easily establish contacts with potential employer and colleagues.
I am able to stand up to stereotyping and discrimination that is damaging to me and those around me.
I am able to manage interactions in different social situations and contexts.
I am able to communicate confidently in new situations.
I am able to participate actively in online spaces and use several online services.
I am able to lead other people in order to produce better results more effectively.
I am able to balance taking risks with managing risks.
I am able to understand how work contributes to community and wider society.

The Career Assessment Tool is not a validated test. Instead, it is an exercise to help users to identify their level of proficiency of each career management competence and the options for further enhancement of them. After applying the tool, each user receives personalized report with identified level of competence for the respective skill and references to specific modules in the Career Management Skills MOOC.

The Career Assessment Tool is not based on any specific single theoretical approach. The tool is a combination of various national CMS frameworks, assessment tools and CMS related EU-funded projects.

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