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Държава: Bulgaria
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Self-awareness; Collaboration; Communication and customer orientation;

(EN) The OCCAY online tool helps career counselors assess their digital competencies

Are you a career counselor? How well-developed are your digital skills?
Test them with the OCCAY free online tool ( and share your results on the Facebook page! The first person to reach a 100% score will get an OCCAY recognition certificate!

The tool includes realistic everyday work scenarios and precise self-assessment questions about Information and Data Literacy, Communication and Collaboration, Digital Content Creation, Safety and Problem Solving.

By now, more than 420 professionals tested their digital competencies. Online security and digital content creation seem to challenge the participants most, but there is also an enormous lack of problem-solving, communication, and collaboration competencies observable.

Users share:
• “Very accurate and useful tool! Obviously, we still have a lot to learn and improve.”
• “The pandemic has shown that online career counseling is no longer in the future.
• We must be adequately prepared to be able to offer customers quality services."
• “Some of the questions are quite difficult. Turns out I have a lot of work to do on digital security.”

On the basis of these findings, OCCAY creates and provides online tools to help career counselors improve their digital skills and services – in an easy and simple way.

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