Publication Type: Project / initiative
Country: Bulgaria
Skills addressed
Self-awareness; Labour market awareness; Employability; Career planning; Resilience; Problem solving; Creativity; Self-employment skills; Collaboration; Curiosity and inquisitiveness; Communication and customer orientation; Leadership;

(EN) Career Skills Final Event in Bulgaria (27.09.2022)

The Business Foundation for Education presented the Career Skills Project results to a large group of Bulgarian education experts, career guidance and HR professionals, trainers and stakeholders. The 3-year initiative funded by the European Commission launched the career skills platform 👉
It includes a a #framework for 12 #career #management# skills and online #assessment #tool that helps users identify their level - basic, intermediate or advanced. The open #online #course has helped more than 520 people across Europe to improve their skills. The online #map of #career #services includes more than 420 career providers in different countries and links them with users looking for near-by career support. The #network section allows career guidance practitioners and organizations to publicly share their best practices, tools and events with the community.
The results will stay freely accessible in English, German, French, Greek, Bulgarian and Finnish at least by the end of 2025.