Self-employment skills

  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Being creative and enterprising in approaching one’s career development
  • Initiating processes that create value
  • Taking up challenges
  • Acting and working independently to achieve goals, stick to intentions and carry out planned task
  • Optimism to maximise benefits from unplanned events (Krumbolz)
  • Learning about risk, effort and making the most of opportunities (CDI)

Source: Entrecomp

Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I am able to identify my top strengths

I recognize when I am using the qualities and skills that entrepreneurs need (CDI)

I can review my skills in relation to what my clients are looking for

I am able to identify people I want to work with


I can understand personal financial documents and know how to access financial support for further study and training (CDI)

I can show how I have developed my personal financial capacity to improve the future decisions I need to take in everyday living, further study, training and work (CDI)

I am able to show initiative and enterprise

I am able to show that I can be enterprising in the way I learn, work and manage my career (CDI)

I am able to develop and apply enterprise qualities and skills in my approach to learning, work and career planning (CDI