• Exploring different career/occupational search tools & resources
  • Skills and experience that enable individuals to get jobs and sustain themselves in employment
  • Understanding that skills and experiences are transferable to various work settings (SDS)
  • Adaptability and flexibility in variety of situations
  • Use of all the resources available to independently secure next steps in transitions
  • Development of a coherent and robust marketable identity in order to maximise one’s potential


Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I am able to recognise personal qualities & attitudes required for working life

I am able to show that I am continuing to develop the qualities and skills I will need to improve my employability (CDI)

I am able to explain how I am developing my employability to meet my own expectations and the expectations of employers and co-workers (CDI)

I am able to relate my knowledge, skills and interests to different career areas (NCGE)

I am able to identify transferable skills & identify career areas that these apply to (NCGE)

I am able demonstrate the employability skills necessary to secure & stay in work


I know how to prepare and present myself well when going through a selection process (CDI)

I know my rights and responsibilities in a selection process and strategies to use to improve my chances of being chosen (CDI)

I know how to prepare for, perform well and learn from participating in selection processes (CDI)