Curiosity and inquisitiveness

  • Spotting opportunities
  • Curiosity to explore learning opportunities
  • Understanding that there is a variety of learning and work opportunities which are open for individuals
  • Effective learning strategies, continuing self-development;
  • Identify and seize opportunities to create value by exploring the social, cultural and economic landscape
  • Identifying needs and challenges that need to be met
  • Optimism to maximise benefits from unplanned events


Level A. Basic

Level B. Advanced

Level C. Proficient

I am aware that people’s careers are different and they develop in different ways (CDI)

I can describe different ways of looking at people’s careers and how they develop (CDI)

I reflect on changing career processes and structures and their effects on people’s experience and management of their own career development (CDI)

I able to take advantage of opportunities as they come my way

I am ready to explore all opportunities as they come to my way

I am able to establish new connections and bring together scattered elements of the landscape to create opportunities to create value (Entrecomp)

I am able to identify requirements for further learning, training & employment


I am able to research training and employment options including information about the best progression pathways through to specific goals (CDI)

I am able to research and evaluate progression pathways and return on investment for the training and career options which are open form me (CDI)